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Complex Analysis and its Applications

International Conference "Complex Analysis and its Applications"

The International Conference “Complex analysis and its applications”, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the professor Igor Petrovich Mityuk, will be held from June 2 to 9, 2018 in Gelendzhik on the basis of the branch of the Kuban State University.

The conference is organized jointly by the scientists of the Kuban State University, Petrozavodsk State University and the Steklov Institute of Mathematics. The conference is supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project No. 18-01-20023).

The purpose of the conference is to discuss the current state and current trends in the development of the Complex Analysis and its applications.

The following sections are provided: Geometric function theory, Function spaces and approximation theory, Quasiconformal analysis, Multidimensional Complex Analysis, Potential Theory, Related Questions of Analysis and applications.

Plenary lectures on modern methods of complex analysis and related fields will be of interest to both young and experienced mathematicians. Section reports on original results cover a wide range of applications of various methods of complex analysis: parametric and variational methods of the theory of functions of a complex variable, the method of quadratic differentials, and the symmetrization method. The reports will present the latest facts about the geometry of holomorphic and harmonic mappings concerning growth, covering, and distortion theorems in various classes of analytic functions. A significant part of the conference reports is devoted to modern methods of approximation theory. We especially note the questions of approximation by polynomials, simplest fractions and their generalizations. It is supposed to discuss the problems of multidimensional complex analysis, the problems of the theory of quasiconformal and quasiregular mappings, and some questions of potential theory that have direct applications in complex analysis. Particular attention will be paid to the theory of capacities, the method of extremal metrics, and problems of extremal decomposition. Related problems of complex analysis in various fields of mathematics will be considered. In particular, the results concerning the theory of partial differential equations, special questions of mathematical physics, and functional analysis will be presented. 

Working languages of the Conference: Russian, English. 

Program Committee:

Chairman: V.N. Dubinin (Institute for Applied Mathematics of RAS Far Eastern Branch),

Members of the Program Committee: F.G. Avkhadiev (Kazan Federal University), A.I.Aptekarev (RAS Institute of Applied Mathematics), V.A. Babeshko (Kuban State University), V.I. Buslaev (Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS), E.M. Chirka (Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS), V.Ya. Gutlyanskii (Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of NAS, Ukraine), S.L. Krushkal (Bar-Ilan University, Israel), A.S. Losev (Volgograd State University), S.R. Nasyrov (Kazan Federal University), D.V. Prokhorov (Saratov State University), A.G. Sergeev (Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS), A.Yu. Solynin (Texas Tech University, USA), V.V. Starkov (Petrozavodsk State University), A.K. Tsikh (Siberian Federal University), S.K. Vodop’yanov (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics of RAS Siberian Branch), M. Vuorinen (University of Turku, Finland).

Organizing Committee:

Chairman: M.B. Astapov (rector of Kuban State University)

Co-Chairmans: A.V. Voronin (rector of Petrozavodsk State University), V.A. Babeshko (Kuban State University), V.N. Dubinin (Institute for Applied Mathematics of RAS Far Eastern Branch)

Deputy Chairmans: B.E. Levitskii (Kuban State University), V.V. Starkov (Petrozavodsk State University)

Members of the Organizing Committee (Kuban State University): A.E. Biryuk, M.N. Gavrilyuk, S.P. Grushevskii, A.S. Ignatenko, V.A. Lazarev, V.G. Leznev, M.V. Levashova, N.N. Mavrodi, E.D. Ostroushko, E.A. Shcherbakov. 

Accommodation planned: Hotel “Krasnaya Talka” (Gelendzhik). Arrival – June 2, 2018, departure – June 9, 2005. Conference participants arriving in Krasnodar will be transferred to the hotel by bus.

Organizing Committee Address: 149 Stavropolskaya Str., Krasnodar 350040, Russia, Kuban State University, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Organizing Committee.

E-mail: coman@kubsu.ru

Conference Website: http://coman2018.confirent.ru .



Conference venue: 
The Branch of the Kuban State University

Accommodation planned: Hotel “Krasnaya Talka” (Gelendzhik). Arrival – June 2, 2018, departure – June 9, 2005. Conference participants arriving in Krasnodar will be transferred to the hotel by bus.

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Thematic focus : 
Комплексный анализ и его приложения
Accommodation of participants: 
353460, Krasnodar Region, Gelendgik, Lunacharskogo St., 126.

No materials

Abu Muhanna Yusuf UAE To be announced
Afanaseva - Grigoreva Anna Russia Lemniscates of the rational functions and problems of the extremal decomposition
Aksentev Leonid Russia To be announced
Amozova Kira Russia α–accessible domains
Anbareeswaran Sairam Kaliraj India On Harmonic Hardy Spaces
Astashkin Sergey Russia BMO, локально максимальная функция и интерполяция
Avkhadiev Farit Russia Conformally invariant integral inequalities and their applications
Babeshko Vladimir Russia The block element method in applications (with O.V. Evdokimova and O.M. Babeshko)
Bakhtin Alexandr Ukraine Three problems on extremal decomposition of the complex plane with free poles
Beloshapka Valerii Russia The complexity of analytic functions
Bezzametnova Victoria Russia Solutions of the Poisson equation on model Riemannian manifolds
Bhowmik Bappaditya India Quasiconformal extension of meromorphic univalent functions with nonzero pole
Biryuk Andrei Russia Remarks on KO41 Theory of Turbulence (with A.Svidlov and E. Silchenko)
Borisova Yana Russia On Problem Fekete and Szeg¨o (with I.A. Kolesnikov)
Borodin Petr Russia Плотность наипростейших дробей и их обобщений в функциональных пространствах
Bunyakin Alexei Russia The class of potential solutions of the system of Navier-Stokes equations
Buriankova Eva Czech Republic Rough Maximal Bilinear Singular Integrals
Buslaev Viktor Russia Shur's algorithm for formal power series
Chueshev Viktor Russia Cogomological Gunning Bundle for Tori with Punctures
Chuesheva Nadezhda Russia About two nonlinear equations of 3 and 5 orders.
Danchenko Vladimir Russia Quadrature formulas with variable nodes and Jackson-Nikolskii inequalities for rational functions (with P. Chunaev)
Denega Iryna Ukraine Точные оценки произведений внутренних радиусов взаимно непересекающихся областей в комплексной плоскости
Dubinin Vladimir Russia Connected lemniscates and distortion theorems for polynomials and rational functions
Dymchenko Yuri Russia The equality of modulus and capacity of polycondenser in sub-Finsler space
Eyrikh Nadezhda Russia О приведенном модуле И.П. Митюка
Fernández Arturo Spain Classification Theory for Klein Surfaces
Filatov Vladimir Russia Massive sets and Liouville type theorems
Gafiyatullina Lilia Russia To be announced
Ganenkova Ekaterina Russia Differential inequalities for polynimials (with V.V. Starkov)
Gavrilyuk Mikhail Russia Maximum of the diameter of level lines in Jenkins class
Golberg Anatoly Israel Extremal bounds in module estimates
Goryainov Victor Russia Semigroups of reciprocal Cauchy transforms of probability measures
Graf Sergey Russia The analogues of Nehari theorem for harmonic functions
Grigorieva Elena Russia Аппроксимация производных на основе Ф-триангуляции (совместно с В.А.Клячиным)
Gusev Aleksandr Russia Free interpolation in the class of functions of finite order in the half-plane (with K. G. Malyutin)
Gutlyanskii Vladimir Ukraine On quasiconformal maps and semi-linear equations in the plane
Isaev Konstantin Russia Representing systems of exponentials in locally convex subspaces of the normed space of analytic functions (with R.S. Yulmukhametov)
Isangulova Daria Russia Analogs of Korn's inequality on Heisenberg groups
Kalmykov Sergei Russia On Bernstein- and Markov-type inequalities for rational functions (with Bela Nagy and Vilmos Totik)
Karmanova Maria Russia On Metric Properties of Mappings of Sub-Lorentzian Structures
Karp Dmitrii Russia Принадлежность отношений гипергеометрических функций конусу Стилтьеса и ее комплексно-аналитические следствия
Kats Boris Russia Integration of forms over non-rectifiable paths with applications
Kayumov Ilgiz Russia Inequalities for coefficients of bounded analytic functions
Kazak Vitaly Russia Applications of complex analysis in geometry
Kazantsev Andrey Russia Study of the surface of a generalized reduced module for multiply connected domain (with M.I. Kinder)
Kechko Elena Belarus On some properties of Hermite-Padé polynomials and approximants of Mittag-Leffler functions
Khudayberganov Gulmirza Uzbekistan Laurent series in the classical Cartan's domains
Kim Victoria Russia Koebe theorem for p-valent functions
Kinder Mikhail Russia Исследование поверхности обобщенного приведенного модуля многосвязной области (совместно с А.В.Казанцевым)
Kirillova Dina Russia Об оценках комбинаций коэффициентов в классе ∑
Klimentov Sergey Russia Representations of the second kind of the solutions to the first order general elliptic systems in the complex form
Klyachin Alexey Russia An estimate of the distortion of the angles of the triangles of a triangulation under a diffeomorphism
Klyachin Vladimir Russia Approximation of derivatives based on Ф-triangulation (with E.G. Grigoryeva)
Kokarev Gerasim United Kingdom Conformal volume, eigenvalue problems, and related topics
Kolesnikov Ivan Russia Акцессорные параметры в уравнении Шварца
Komarov Mikhail Russia On approximation by differences of simple partial fractions
Komlov Aleksandr Russia Hermite--Pade approximants for meromorphic functions on a compact Riemann surface
Korolev Alexander Russia Существование неподвижной точки для К-сжатий
Krivosheeva Olesya Prof Особые точки суммы ряда экспоненциальных мономов
Krushkal Samuel Israel Plurisubharmonic functions on Teichmuller spaces
Kurbanov Bukharbay Uzbekistan The Morera boundary theorem in the space of rectangular matrices
Kuznetsov Mikhail Russia On a certain characteristic of closed nondegenerate curves
Levashova Maria Russia The variational principle in the theory of quasiconformal mappings
Levitskiy Boris Russia P-harmonic radius and p-harmonic Green's mappings
Loboda Alexander Russia Coefficient analysis in the problem of describing holomorphically homogeneous hypersurfaces in C^3
Losev Alexander Russia On the asymptotic behavior of solutions of elliptic-type equations on noncompact Riemannian manifolds
Lyapin Alexander Russia Производящие функции векторных разбиений и основное рекуррентное соотношение
Lysov Vladimir Russia On the supports of vector equilibrium measures in the potential theory
Maergoiz Lev Russia Ways of Analytic Continuation of Many-Sheeted Functions of One Variable. Applications.
Malkovich Evgeny Russia On connections on $3$-dimensional subRiemannian Lie groups.
Malyutin Konstantin Russia Free interpolation in the class of functions of finite order in the half-plane (with A. Gusev)
Malyutina Aleksandra Russia On differential properties of mappings with s-averaged characteristic (with K.A. Alipova)
Markovsky Alexey Russia Дискретное равновесие плоского компакта
Mavrodi Nikolay Russia Complete regularity of the growth of a function
Mazepa Elena Russia On solvability of a boundary value problem for the Poisson equation on unbounded open sets of Riemannian manifolds
Menovschikov Alexander Russia Decomposable operators on Lp-direct integrals
Mikhalkin Evgeny Russia О структуре общей алгебраической функции
Mironova Svetlana Russia О сингулярных интегральных уравнениях на негладких кривых в пространстве Гельдра-Фреше.
Miroshnikova Yulia Russia Belonging to the Mackenhoupt class of a function vanishing at the boundary of the unit circle (with E.A. Shcherbakov)
Mitasov Sergey Russia Свойства матричной характеристики в соболевском классе функций
Mkrtchyan Aleksandr Russia Continuation of Multiple Power Series in a Sectorial Domain by Means of Interpolating the Coefficients by Meromorphic Function
Molchanova Anastasia Russia On a boundary correspondence for homeomorphisms with weighted bounded (p, q)-distortion (with S.K. Vodopyanov)
Muravnik Andrey Russia To be announced
Nasyrov Semen Russia Structure of trajectories for a quadratic differential on a three-sheeted Riemann surface of genus 1
Otemuratov Bayrambay Uzbekistan On condition of holomorphic continuations of functions from a boundary of a domain
Pavlov Nikita Russia Applications of relative capacity for Schwarzian derivative's estimation of holomophic functions.
Pchelintsev Valerii Russia On the quasiconformal geometry of the Neumann eigenvalue problem
Perumal Muthukumar India Composition operators on discrete Hardy spaces of a tree (with S. Ponnusamy)
Poluboyarova Natalia Russia Some properties of extreme surfaces
Ponnusamy Saminathan India On Logarithmic Coefficients and some related Conjecture for certain class of Univalent Functions
Popenov Sergey Russia Interpolation by sums of exponential series in convex domains аnd Cauchy problem for convolution operators
Prenov Barlykbay Uzbekistan Об одном аналоге ряда Лорана для гармонических функций
Prilepkina Elena Russia The method of curves families modules in extremal decomposition problems.
Prokhorov Dmitri Russia Value regions of univalent functions within different classes
Pugach Piter Russia (p, ω)-equivalent sets on a Riemann surface (with V.A. Shlyk)
Rakesh Parmar India Extended Exton's Triple Hypergeometric Functions X8;p and Associated Bounding Inequalities
Rakhimova Alsu Russian Federation Dunkl Operators
Rakhmonov Uktam Uzbekistan On the Carleman formula for a matrix ball of the third type
Rasila Antti Finland Lipschitz continuity of solutions of the hyperbolic Poisson equation
Riihentaus Juhani Finland Removability results for subharmonic functions, for harmonic functions and for holomorphic functions
Rodikova Eugenia Russia О некоторых задачах в классе И.И. Привалова в круге
Salakhudinov Rustem Russia Comparable functionals of convex domains
Saranchuk Yury Russia Elementary solutions of homogeneous q-sided convolution equation (with A. Tatarkin)
Sergeev Armen Russia Universal Teichm¨uller space: non-trivial example of infinite-dimensional complex manifolds
Shabalin Pavel Russia Riemann - Hilbert boundary value problem with several points of turbulence (with A.Kh. Fatykhov)
Shah Lubna India Bounds for the Zeros of Polynomial
Shah Wali Muhammad India Inequalities for Rational Functions with Prescribed Poles
Sharma Navneet Lal India On Yamashita's conjecture for some classes of univalent functions
Shchepin Evgeny Russia On duplication formulas for polygamma functions
Shcherbakov Evgeni Russian Federation Quasi conformal mappings and equilibrium forms of liquiid drops.
Shipcka Alexandr Russia О некоторых теоремах вложения в многомерных областях и полиобластях.
Shishkin Andrey Russia The homogeneous convolution equation in space of holomorphic functions
Shishkina Elina Russia Fundamental solutions of singular operators and methods of complex analysis
Shlyk Vladimir Russia BV-functions and weighted modules on a Riemann surface
Sidortsov Maxim Belarus On the degree of convergence of Hermite – Pad´e approximants of Mittag – Leffler functions (with A.P. Starovoitov and E. P. Kechko)
Silaev Alexander Russia Asymptotic behavior of harmonic functions on model Riemannian manifolds
Silchenko Eugeny Russia Estimates for solutions of Burgers equations in Holder norms
Sitnik Sergei Russia Refinements of Cauchy-Bunyakowski inequalities
Solynin Alexander USA The Art of symmetrization: Ideas of I.P. Mityuk and modern developments
Starkov Viktor Russia Keller mappings and Jacobian conjecture
Starovoitov Aleksandr Belarus On the degree of convergence of Hermite-Pade approximants of Mittag –Leffler functions (with M.V. Sidortsov and E.P. Kechko)
Sugawa Toshiyuki Japan Refinements of Schwarz Lemma and their applications to concave functions
Svidlov Alexander Russia Uniqueness sets of the potential of a simple and double layer
Tatarkin Aleksandr Russia Elementary solutions of homogeneous q-sided convolution equation (with U. Saranchuk)
Trukhlyaeva Irina Russia Estimate of a polynomial characteristic of a multidimensional domain satisfying the inner cone condition
Tsikh Avgust Russia On the structure of a general algebraic function
Tyurikov Evgenij Russia The Main Boundary Value Problem of the Membrane Theory of Convex Shells for One Class of Symmetric Domes
Vikharev Sergey Russia The Liuoville-type theorems for stationary Ginzburg-Landau equation on Lipshitz manifolds of a special type
Vodop'yanov Sergey Russia Quasiconformal analysis of two-indexed scale of spatial mappings and its applications
Voronin Anatolii Russia To be announced
Vuorinen Matti Finland Quasiconformal mappings and capacity
Vyhivska Lyudmila Ukraine Точные оценки произведений внутренних радиусов взаимно непересекающихся областей в комплексной плоскости
Yaremenko Ludmila Russia 1. Regular functions connected by one integral operator; 2. On the univalence and almost convexity of certain classes of regular functions
Yulmukhametov Rinad Russia Representing systems of exponentials in locally convex subspaces of the normed space of analytic functions (with K.P. Isaev)
Zakharov Andrey Russia  Set of values of initial coefficients for symmetric mappings of the upper half-plane (with N.O. Kozharskaya)
Zolotukhina Vera Russia The class of potential solutions of the system of Navier-Stokes equations
Zorii Natalia Ukraine Constrained minimum Riesz energy problem for condensers with intersecting plates

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